“Home” by Nicky Phillips

“Home” by Nicky Phillips: a spectacular song that radiates a British-folk charm and delivers beautiful melodies with a quiet confidence that adds to its homely spirit.

This is our first time listening to Nicky Phillips’ music and we’re instantly enamoured by her rich, and characterful, vocals that are the centrepiece of the song. On this note, her voice dances against a backdrop of acoustic guitar lines and delicate soundscapes that add colourful flourishes throughout. This combines together to create a song that creatively uses dynamics to weave a sonic tapestry; going from sparse sections to more full-on crescendos that ebb and flow in volume in a similar way to any tide.

A further note of praise comes from the timing: the nature of this song captures that turning point of summer as we approach September. Of all the music that we’ve heard throughout the years, we have to declare that this song is, quite possibly, the most successful at representing this time of year. With this in mind, it should be clear that we’ve been won over as fans of Nicky and her music – we firmly believe that you will too.

Nicky Phillips: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Twitter
Original Photo Credit: Andrew Goldstraw

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