“Jungle” by Yellowlees

Like musical sunshine dancing through the trees, new single, ‘Jungle’ by emerging UK-based, singer-songwriter Pete Rapp, aka Yellolees, sparkles throughout with a delightful blend of melodic-pop vocal harmonies, ambient guitar melodies and thought-provoking lyricism. The introspective storyline expertly highlights relatable metal health issues of self-doubt, with a hopeful message which promotes the importance of friendship and persistence through adversity is truly heart-warming and an inspiration to keep going, no matter what. Outstanding.

All of which makes this joyous new single the-most enjoyable piece of up-beat music that I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. Truly anthemic.

An accomplished track from start to finish, ‘Jungle’ is a wonderfully written, hypnotic gem. Vibrant in emotion, musicality and love. Stunning.

Yellowlees: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Twitter

Original Photo Credit: Alfred Barwick 
Author: Snazy Craig

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