“The TV Made Me Do It” by Moon Walker

Get ready to embrace a kaleidoscope of psychedelic tones, beautifully enchanting guitar patterns, and charismatic vocals of Moon Walker, through their new mesmerising single ‘The TV Made Me Do It’. The eclectic-sounding, LA-based duo, consisting of lead singer and guitarist Harry Springer and percussionist Sean McCarthy wastes no time in captivating the senses with a plethora of delectable melodies to uplift the heart and soul.

The establishing bars work wonders at creating a dreamy soundscape, which surrounds a thought-provoking story that uses a cleaver mix of both personal and relatable lyrics which trip of the tongue of Springer, like synchronised swimmers diving into a pool of clear, vivid electronic tones that cast a ripple of cascading harmonies and emotions “… The TV’s talking too slick, the truth just seems inconvenient, words are changing their meaning… I’m just losing my reason” announces Springer, whose talent for wordplay is as interesting as it is intoxicating.

The retro feeling of the pumped-up instrumentation had my attention from the very start, and the upbeat, funky bass patterns are a joy to behold, reminiscent of ‘Play that Funky Music’ but with a personalised Moon Walker edge all of its own. Even the laid-back, quieter sections have just as much power in their subtly, expertly capturing the atmosphere without losing the momentum.

After grooving through each verse and chorus, ‘The TV Made Me Do It’ eventually leads me down a weird and wonderful sonic rabbit hole of the middle 8 section. I could quite happily listen to this glorious riot of funk-infused, psychedelic shenanigans on a loop – and never get bored. Truly sublime.

Each element of ‘The TV Made Me Do It’ has been allowed the space and time in which to breath and stretch out with all of its sexy, sonic prowess. A shining star in a psychedelic universe.

Moon Walker: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
Artwork Credit: Nicole Lemburg || Photo Credit: Nicole Lemburg

Author: Snazy Craig

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