“Waste Land” by Guy Davis

“Waste Land” by Guys Davis is, in our humble opinion, a wonderful song that takes folk pop sentiments and combines it with socially-aware lyrics that sit somewhere between the lyricism of Bob Dylan and Sam Fender. Guy takes these inspirations and creates a melodically-rich song that deftly balances the political undercurrents with the honest music – this results in a song that will have mass appeal: resonating with those that love the relevance of the lyrics as well as with those that seek music with authenticity and soul.

The gentle opening immediately greets the listener with warm, organic folk vibes that instantly offer some positivity. Quickly following this comes Guy’s voice delivering the lyrics that fill the song with deeper meaning. From the moment that Guy sings you’ll be captivated: he has a tone and character to his voice (as well as range and style) that is very much his own and will, over time, become easily identifiable with him and his music.

Returning to focus on the song’s structure and style, we really appreciate the way in which Guy’s impassioned vocals dance over the musical foundation laid by the guitar and truly connect with you to the point that you feel as though Guy is speaking directly to you. This ability to create a song that carries a message, and connects to the listener in some way, is a genuine talent and suggests that Guy could well be on the way to bigger things. As such, we highly recommend that you follow his journey and keep a keen ear out for future music releases from Guy.

The song provides a social commentary on how we ‘consume’ news and information & the commercialisation of modern society. It criticises the trend towards high-volume reporting & the glossing over of major issues. I hope it encourages listeners to take a step back from the ‘endless commercial break’ that everyday life seems to have become.” – Guy Davis

Guy Davis: Instagram | Spotify | YouTube

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