“I Liked It Better” by Three Day Monk

Three Day Monk’s new single I Liked It Better feels both fresh and nostalgic. The track, written and performed by Tristan Nelson, is a mellow indie take on “a world fixated on the consumption of nostalgia and the rose-tinted perception of better times”.

The artist has been known for singles centred around a narrative, and this one is told musically as well as lyrically. The angsty vocals rip apart through the gentle, summery guitar, conveying a bittersweet feeling of what we long for, but can no longer have.

The song feels like a series of different moments, like flipping through different musical genres. Although the drums keep a steady pace, there are interruptions and moments of silence, as well as a crescendo which ends too soon, decreasing in tempo by the end.

Although being bittersweet in its delivery, the melody lures you in from the start. It comes out as cinematic, a summery rock-ballad by the swimming pool. Let the soothing and yet disquieting tones of Three Day Monk lure you in, and make sure you add this to your summer playlist.

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Author: Claudia H.

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