“The Ballad of Daniel Dawson” by Flaming June

The new single by Flaming June tells us the story of Daniel Dawson who, in the town of Newmarket, was convicted and hanged for poisoning the horses in order to fix the races. The single sticks with the ideals of the folk ballad, focusing on local stories and introducing us to this small part of Newmarket’s history.

The song opens up immediately and provides us with a fast-paced rhythm. Such a sound has the potential to easily be adapted to a folk session and sung in a local pub, making it a very genuine experience and, quite frankly, brings to mind the times when all of this was possible (in a pre-pandemic world).

Structurally, the song follows a standard modern folk format with minimal instrumentation making it a pleasant, captivating listen that carries memorable melodies that make it easy to singalong with. The skilled mix highlights the acoustic guitar and beautifully blends the stringed accompaniment, thus creating a very warm and ‘homely’ tone – an achievement made even more impressive when considering the track was the first attempt of Flaming June to self-produce throughout lockdown.

If you are a big fan of folk music and are looking for something energetic, genuine and educational – Flaming June’s new single is definitely for you!

We find ourselves wholeheartedly agreeing with The Indie Spoonful, whose quote from a previous single still rings true regarding Flaming June’s sound: “Flaming June has a fire in their hearts that lights up “The Women’s Battalion” with soul and substance. Listeners will surely join their musical march and feel the passion in their boots.”

Flaming June: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Twitter | Website

Author: Krzysztof Furgała

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