“Turn Around” by Blanks

“Turn Around” by Blanks: a feel-good tune which should certainly be in the soundtrack of our summer. In this song the Dutch artist, Blanks, serves up a healthy dose of super-catchy indie-pop that is further elevated by the slick, polished production.

The ’80s synth lines and drum sounds add to the retro feel whilst the lyrical delivery is interesting in its own right; deftly jumping between a mid-tempo delivery and, at other times, a much faster almost-tongue-twister style that keeps the listener on their feet. Finally, music video brings an extra dose of charm with its honest, and engaging, narrative that works perfectly with the song.

Blanks said about the track: “Every time I listen to ‘Turn Around’ and the chorus hits, the big synths and punchy drums give off so much energy I just can’t help but sing along: ‘Would you believe me now if I said I need you now?

The song talks about the people who are close to us, and how we should never let them go. It does so without being melodramatic, but instead, danceable. It was also mixed by Mitch McCarthy (i.a. Olivia Rodrigo, Bebe Rexha, Tiësto) and mastered by Randy Merrill (i.a. Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes, Lady Gaga). Blanks is an artist to look out for, so stay tuned via social media.

Blanks: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | TikTok | Twitter | YouTube
Author: Claudia H.

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