“On Fire” by Sofi Bonde

“On Fire” by Sofi Bonde: an utterly superb song with a music video that is a masterclass for artists to learn from in how to create a fun, visually-engaging video to be paired with a music release.

Sofi has a voice and style similar to Imelda May, as they both capture that soulful, classic pop sound that is universally loved. Sofi’s song “On Fire” has elements of rock’n’roll within it, yet it has a more modern pop vibe that brings it up to speed, most noticeably in the big, upbeat chorus that truly epitomises what a classic-pop hook should be.

Anther treat of the song is that with each new listen you’ll detect something new; there are layers and layers of sound buried within this gem that makes it a true joy to have on repeat. Furthermore, the energy refuses to diminish – each spin is just as fresh as the last and will have you dancing and singing along to it in no time at all.

“The title embodies choosing fire in life, making a leap of faith and coming through to the other side. Angels Above, her single released in 2020 has been a Swedish radio favourite. Sofi is inspired by the fifties and the grace, charm and strength of Marilyn Monroe – who always walked, talked and acted through the fire of life.”

Sofi Bonde: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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