“Notemakers” by COW

“Notemakers” by COW is a progressive indie-rock anthem. Inspired by Elitha Da, COW attempted to achieve a ‘warm’ and ‘fuzzy’ sound for the song – and what a success it is! In true indie-rock fashion, soothing guitar strings introduce the song. This is swiftly followed by an ensemble of drums and distorted guitars. The band work coherently to deliver an all-consuming experience with a heart-warming melodic bassline.

In contrast to the warming instrumentals, “Notemakers” goes on to explore challenging themes of loss and suicide. Inspired by Hunter S Thompson’s suicide note, the latter half of the chorus delivers a homage to Football Season is Over: ‘No more games, no more bombs, no more walking. Note to self, no more fun’. The melodic instrumentals and macabre lyrics purposefully juxtapose to adorn “Notemakers” with depth and versatility. A feat to be admired for the Liverpool-based up-and-coming band. 

“Notemakers” is a feel-good anthem, perfect for summer beer gardens and upcoming live gigs. Just in time for legal gatherings and summer celebrations, the song will be released on April 16th 2021. 

COW is: Kyle Lee on Vocals and Guitar, Jason Baxter on Rhythm Guitar, Adam Jones on Drums and Matthew Webster on Bass.

Author: Anna R.

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