“Whispers” by Ambiere

“Whispers” by Ambiere: after seeing Ambiere play live at Jumpin’ Jacks (RIP) in Newcastle a few years ago it’s a joy to hear this new song; we’ve been watching Ambiere’s evolution with much excitement and anticipation… consequently this new single serves to further whet our appetite for more releases.

Immediately greeted by Ambiere’s dark sultry voice and glistening ethereal electronic melodies, the song slowly entices the listener to give their undivided attention to the pop gem. After the first minute a strong electronic beat and handclap percussion both join in, taking the song up a whole new level – providing both deep bass and a pounding rhythm to further drive the song, all whilst Ambiere’s incredibly voice weaves its gorgeous melodies, creating a textured sonic tapestry that is almost transcendental.

If our words haven’t convinced you of how spectacular this song is then we’ll let the music win you over – listen to the song via the Spotify link below… enjoy.

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