“The Imposter” by Emmrose

“The Imposter” by Emmrose: the angelic vocals of Emmrose are instantly recognisable and evidently left a memorable impression on us when we first heard her music back in December. Returning now with new music, Emmrose showcases the soft, characterful voice that she has whilst demonstrating her proficient songwriting abilities.

The minimalist introduction consists of piano and vocals which gently invites us to embrace the warm melodies. Shortly after, the whole song seems to organically grow with the introduction of layers of soft, sweet instruments and vocal harmonies that envelop and consume us as we let ourselves be absorbed by the beauty of the song. There is a textural richness throughout that provides subtle reassurance, slowly cleansing the listener of all ills. Impressively, Emmrose manages to deftly counterbalance the serious lyrical subject matter against the soothing music, displaying both maturity and great skill by achieving this seamlessly.

Emmrose explains the ideas behind the song in her own words:
The Imposter was in a small way inspired by the video game “Among Us” funny enough. In order to win the game, you need to find the Imposter, a secret member of the group that is trying to stay hidden while getting other players out of the game. This made me think a lot about “Imposter Syndrome” and how you think everyone will eventually find out that you are a fraud. The lyrics start with how to find “The Imposter”, how they’re all around you but they’ll say they had to pretend to fit in. One of my favourite ways to describe Imposter Syndrome is in the line: “She tried to run, but thinking you’re the best is kinda fun”, as I have experienced the feeling of being chosen as the best out of a group of people, and for a few minutes it feels great, and then the doubt seeps in and you develop a fear of being discovered as not worthy.“.

2 thoughts on ““The Imposter” by Emmrose

  1. Of so many music blogs highlighting indie music, this one is really special. I really appreciate the attention to detail and genuine love of discovering new music! this review is so much appreciated.


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