“Face Tomorrow” by PANEM

Impeccable musicianship is displayed throughout with an impressive array of music ideas creating a multitude of distinct movements: this is an ambitious Prog-Rock song that excels as a highlight of what Prog-Rock can, and arguably should, be; exciting, ambitious, and technically brilliant.

“Face Tomorrow” by PANEM is a thrilling song that cleverly embodies the spirit of Progressive Rock – gloriously showcasing both the band’s musical proficiency and creativity. The opening groove-rock riff is filled with character and is a fine example of a strong hook; this is then further supported by the truly-incredible voice of Marie Morrow, who posses a remarkable vocal tone as well as both amazing power and range. Following this comes a wonderful musical journey of mellow arpeggio sections, syncopated-grooves, and operatic vocals – completing a magnificent song. In short, PANEM are an incredibly imaginative, talented and skilled band for whom success inevitably waits.

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