Music Roundup #20

“Holy The Night” by ilonalowe: releasing a festive song as a debut single may be a bold move, fortunately ilonalowe triumphs spectacularly with “Holy The Night” – an enchanting and heartwarming song that introduces ilonalowe, and her angelic vocals, to the world. Approaching the festive single from a different direction, ilonalowe manages to avoid the commercial pitfall, and instead creates a refreshingly stunning song that rings with authenticity and emotion; listeners can enjoy feelings of peace and comfort brought on by the uplifting melodies. In the space of 3 minutes 41 seconds, ilonalowe has managed to invoke more genuine festive feelings than any Christmas compilation album: a praiseworthy feat.


“Pandemonium” by Midlight: a marvellous composition filled with intricate layers of melodies and rhythms, whilst simultaneously presenting an ambient atmosphere that leads to listener to a release of tension through a musical finale. Soaked with mellow vibes and hypnotic vocals, this is a thoroughly enjoyable song that is evidently the product of competent and confident musicians treading their own path as they pursue their own sound and direction. We’re excited to see and hear what the future brings for Midlight.


“Forty-Three” by Askies: rich vocals with an impressive amount of depth and character immediately pique the interest of the listener and draws one further into the song. Further adding to the subtle complexity is the way that Askies intelligently utilise dynamics to add another dimension to their sound; it’s simple but effective, and a key ingredient for continued success. Finally, well-balanced engineering provides a full, big-bodied sound that drives this single, whilst also hinting at its anthemic potential at live shows.

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