Music Roundup #10

“Moroccan Sun” by Dark Tropics: heavenly vocals assist in creating a beautiful dream-pop vibe, though the song refuses to pigeonholed by genre. The musicianship from this duo is exemplified by the clever and creative use of string arrangements, fuzzy bass and a distinct musical evolution – all achieved within the space of three minutes. It’s quite possible that we’ve discovered one of our favourite songs of the year.


“Nightmare” by Raiz: featuring incredibly slick production and an earworm of a chorus, this is a wonderful song. The attention to detail is demonstrated by the layers of beats and melodies interwoven throughout this short, but sweet, track that clocks in at 2 minutes 33 seconds leaving us craving more.


“Senegal” by J. Pastel: laid-back, feel-good vibes are abundant here, with the beat and energy demanding some sort of interaction from the listener, whether that be in the form of all-out dancing, or subtly tapping along, this is an infectious song.

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