“Incel-Dumb Scene Kid” Wax Heart Sodality

Incel-Dumb Scene Kid” by Wax Heart Sodality is an Alternative/Rock gem with a generous amount of Gothic influence; the reverb-laden vocals sound, rather fittingly, as if they were recorded in a church further contributing to this vibe.

Utilising ambient drones as a melodic foundation paves the way for the vocals to add an extensive, expressive layer of harmony over the initial guitar lines whilst exploring the theme of self-identified involuntary celibate people/persons through the lyrics. Drawing inspiration from such a sombre topic commands a certain degree of respect; converting such a theme into an art-form, embodied as music, so gracefully is a genuine skill.

With subtle elements of Progressive-Rock and hints of Avant-garde ideas, Wax Heart Sodality have a signature sound that deserves recognition which, if we’re not mistaken, will be realised sooner rather than later.

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