Best of 2019: Mosaic Sun

What have been your highlights of 2019?
Releasing three singles this year and all three being named track of the week on BBC Tees, plus gigging with Pillar Artists too.
Also I think we were all so happy to see Sam Fender do so well, can only be good for the scene.

What 3 artists have you seen/heard that impressed you the most?
We played with Tranqua Lite who were amazing to watch live. Also Tugboat Captain were lush, just lush, great songs and great vibes throughout. Really loved Georgia Lee, great band. Reckon she will do very well next year.

What 3 musicians (dead or alive) would you invite for Xmas dinner?
John Mayer so Chris could die happy. Lemmy because the craic and stories would be amazing. And lastly Sia so we could write a song with her.

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