“Where Did It All Go?” by Columbia

“Where Did It All Go?” by Columbia: a melodically-rich, anthemic indie song that follows in the footsteps of indie heroes such as Oasis, The Verve, and The Stone Roses. Guaranteed to be popular with indie-rock fans, as well as those that follow the playlists and gigs of This Feeling & Scruff of the Neck.

Ringing open-chords from an acoustic guitar introduce and anchor the song as the band boldly build the sonic textures, adding delicate piano in the quieter sections and unleashing big electric guitar tones during the chorus as the song ebbs and flows between verses before, ultimately, culminating in a final, glorious swell that sends shivers down the spine with the final lyrics as the song fades out.

The way the song resonates with the listener is made even more impressive when discovering that the band members only picked up their respective instruments in 2017 – to have come together as a band, with such a solidly coherent sound is a testament to Columbia and bodes well for them once live opportunities return: we can envisage how a song like this is perfect for an evening festival slot with the crowd joining in, making for one of those epic music moments.

Columbia consist of: Alex Sheppard (vocals), Jonny Eccleshall (bass), Tom Comer (guitar), Jay Sweeney (lead guitar) and Jay Culkin (drums). Keep an eye out for this band as they continue their ascent!

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